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Fake Aquarium Plants: Even Better than the Real Thing?

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Fake Aquarium Plants: Even Better than the Real Thing?

While some aquascape hobbyists prefer the idea of growing and maintaining a genuine underwater ecosystem in their home aquarium, many fish tank owners are much more focused on the fish themselves than the specific, complicated and often expensive needs of a genuine recreation of their natural habitat. For those who would prefer a fish-only tank to a full-fledged planted aquarium, fake aquarium plants are the way to go.

Save Your Time

Adding real marine plant life to your home fish tank set-up means going from being a fish owner to being an underwater gardener as well. Anyone who gardens will tell you that you don’t get the results you want without putting in the time and effort. From choosing exactly the right plant life to support the ecosystem that will let your fish thrive, ensuring your aquatic plant life stays clean and healthy to keeping tabs of damaged or unhealthy plants, your time investment grows with every additional thing in your tank that needs to be kept alive.

Save Your Money

As you might expect from how much more work they are to grow and maintain, genuine plants are far more expensive than artificial aquarium plants. Besides the initial cost, plastic underwater plants virtually never need to be replaced, since they can’t wilt, rot or suffer from disease. They also require no special lighting to keep photosynthesis active, and whether you go for basic or top-of-the-line, you’re going to be spending significantly more money on the proper bulbs than you would on more standard incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED varieties. There is also the added complication of what plant life does to various aspects of aquarium water quality and the fact that they can be the vehicle for other diseases or invasive aquatic species such as snails.

Free Your Creativity

For real plants to be safely added to a home aquascape, they need to fit in with the overall ecosystem you’re designing. Some plants will not be suitable for tanks with certain fish or other plants simply because they are not part of the other’s natural habitat. No such limitation exists when you’re decorating your home aquarium with artificial plant replicas. The sky’s the limit with them. Just about anything you can imagine can be done, and whatever your style, from traditional and natural to abstract and boisterous, you’ll be able to find the right aquarium decorations to make your aquarium uniquely your own.
Real plant life obviously brings along with it a set of benefits, but on balance, most fish tank owners really want to focus on the animal kingdom in their little underwater domain. Adding fake aquarium plants means saving money up front and down the road in additional equipment and maintenance or replacement expenses, freeing your time that you would otherwise spend tending to your underwater garden, and liberating your own creativity so that you can truly express yourself in your new, custom designed underwater paradise.